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Go-2-Tender Mentoring

Gain game-changing bespoke one2one company support with Go-2-Tender mentoring designed to improve the odds for your business in public sector tenders.

Go-2-Tender offers eligible SMEs three packages of mentoring support:

One-day for:

  • Assistance completing an “Invitation to Quote”
  • Identifying the potential public sector market for your company

Up to three days is available for:

  • Assistance with submission of a live direct award tender
  • Assistance with getting onto a framework
  • Help on completing PQQ’s

The 5 days packages are available for more complex tendering needs e.g. Assistance on a ‘live’ cross-border opportunity or with Consortia or joint venture opportunity.

There is no cost for the one-day and three-day mentoring packages. Five-day mentoring packages cost £250 / €290.

Am I eligible?

Once you have completed a Go-2-Tender workshop, you are eligible to apply for mentoring.

How to apply for mentoring assistance

Simply email the Tendering team at:, we will send you an application form which you complete and return. Once approved you choose a mentor from our team of tendering specialists.

Mentors database

View below the register of approved mentors from which you can select to undertake your approved Go-2-Tender Mentoring. For ease of use, it is searchable by category. Simply shortlist a number of suitable candidates, and then choose the one that you think is most suitable to work with.

Use the filters below to show the most suitable mentor.

Mentor Experience

Contact Name
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