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US-Ireland R&D Partnership

About the initiative

The US-Ireland R&D Partnership links researchers across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United States. This collaborative approach helps to accelerate innovation in a number of key sectors including health, energy and sustainability.

To date the partnership has raised $131.072m and funded 67 projects.

In the videos below, you will find out how the US-Ireland R&D partnership works first-hand as these researchers tell us about their experience.

A tri-jurisdictorial partnership since 2006

The US-Ireland R&D Partnership is a tri-jurisdictional alliance which was officially launched in 2006. Its aim is to promote collaborative innovative research projects which create value above and beyond individual efforts.

To date 67 projects have been successfully funded under the partnership across key sectors including agriculture, health, science and engineering, telecommunication energy and sustainability. Funding raised to June 2021 is valued at $131.072m or €110.164m or £93.150m.

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Each jurisdiction is offered a unique opportunity to advance research interests, healthcare and economic development in areas prioritised as:

  • Cybersecurity NEW
  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Nanoscale Science & Engineering
  • Sensors & Sensor Networks
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy & Sustainability

US Ireland R&D Partnership


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