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Partnership concept


Enabling networks and clusters to harness the power of cross-border collaboration

Synergy is an InterTradeIreland programme that’s designed to increase SME participation in innovative networks of entrepreneurs, academics, policy makers, corporates and third sector participants. It aims to scale cross-border collaboration, using cluster and network development supports to increase the impact of programmes with economic benefit to Ireland and Northern Ireland.

What support can Synergy provide?

Synergy aims to solve common problems and identify joint opportunities that exist in Ireland and Northern Ireland. We want to support new collaborations with the right partners from both Ireland and Northern Ireland, who in conjunction with InterTradeIreland, will find a common pathway that will lead to a solution being achieved which benefits both economies North and South in line with InterTradeIreland's 2020-2022 corporate plan.

Synergy strategic framework

Synergy projects must demonstrate how their proposal will enable multiple participants in both Ireland and Northern Ireland to benefit in at least one InterTradeIreland priority area and/or how the project impacts positively on at least one of InterTradeIreland’s preferred strategic sectors in both Ireland and Northern Ireland:

Synergy Priority Outputs
  • Increasing SME Productivity
  • Assisting industry and SMEs transition to the low-carbon economy
  • Embracing Industry 4.0 technologies
  • Activation of SMEs and relevant organisations to participate in cross-border clusters and networks
Preferred Strategic Sectors

Case studies

How to apply

If you feel you have a project that may be eligible to receive support from Synergy then the first step is to speak to a member of the Synergy team to get further information and discuss the process.

Synergy Enquiries

A member of the Synergy team will handle your enquiry. You can get in touch directly by email, by phone 028 3083 4108 (048 from Ireland) or by using the form below.

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