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Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe Update:

Horizon Europe (HEu) is the 7-year European Union scientific research initiative and will run from 2021 to 2027. The budget for HEu is €95.5 billion. Horizon Europe will keep the same focus on excellent research of its predecessor, Horizon 2020. Funding calls will be based on three main areas: Excellent science, Global challenges and European industrial competitiveness, and Innovative Europe. More information can be found at

The EU Commission has adopted the main work programme of Horizon Europe for the period 2021-2022, which outlines the objectives and specific topic areas that will receive a total of €14.7 billion in funding. For more information go to

UK participation in Horizon Europe

The UK has left the EU. The UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement, December 2020, Part 5 set out the terms of UK Participation in Union Programmes. Click here for more information.

The UK will associate to Horizon Europe, subject to ratification of the overall deal and finalisation of the Horizon Europe Programme regulations. Association will give UK researchers and businesses access to funding under the programme on equivalent terms as organisations in EU countries.

Due to ongoing delays in the UK’s association to Horizon Europe, the UK government has guaranteed funding for the first wave of eligible, successful applicants to Horizon Europe who are unable to sign grant agreements with the EU prior to formalisation of the UK’s association to the programme. The funding will be delivered through UK Research and Innovation. For more information go to

Update as at 15th March 2022 The UK government has announced an extension to the guarantee to provide a financial safety net for successful UK applicants to Horizon Europe. More information can be found at:

Update on 1st September 2022 The UK government has announced an extension to the financial support provided to Horizon Europe applicants, originally launched in November 2021. The extension will ensure that eligible, successful UK applicants will continue to be guaranteed funding, supporting them to continue their important work in research and innovation.

The guarantee will now be in place to cover all Horizon Europe calls that close on or before 31 December 2022, with the majority of grant signature dates expected
before the end of August 2023. For more information

InterTradeIreland looks forward to supporting North/South collaboration on Horizon Europe. Follow us on twitter at @ITI_HorizonEur

Travel Vouchers

InterTradeIreland’s HEu travel schemes support those working on a cross-border basis in HEu to travel both on the island and across the EU.

The Cross-Border Collaboration Voucher

Offers up to £500 to early-stage partnerships travelling across Ireland and Northern Ireland to scope out potential project ideas. We can even help identify potential partners for you.

Find out more

The EU Voucher

Offers up to £350 per cross-border partner travelling to Horizon Europe related events, consortium meetings or EU Commission brokerage events.

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  • Profile of Stephen Rice in suit and tie
    Stephen Rice
    Co-Founder and CEO - Upskill Enterprise

    When myself and my co-founder started Upskill Enterprise, it was a no-brainer we wanted to get involved in Horizon 2020 following previous wins. As a cash strapped SME we wanted to give ourselves the best opportunity to succeed and to meet our partners. With the Cross-Border Collaboration Voucher, we were able to make several trips to Dublin to meet with consortium partners in Trinity College, Maynooth University and Future Analytics which went on to be a winning proposal in 2016. With InterTradeIreland's support we have since built lasting relationships and used the cross-border voucher for many other bids.

  • Profile of Stephen Rice in suit and tie
    Stephen Rice
    Co-Founder and CEO - Upskill Enterprise

    International working is at the heart of what we do at Upskill Enterprise. With support from the European Travel Vouchers, we have been able to engage with stakeholders at the European Level where we would not have been able to afford this alone. Being able to meet with H2020 consortium partners face to face in Finland, Denmark, Italy, Amsterdam and Hungary has made us stand out and be recognised as trusted partners. We have since participated in over 20 proposals, lobbied directly with the European Commission and have generated other work from the connections made.


Thinking of applying for HEu funding? Find out more about the application process by watching the videos below, where project co-ordinators share their experience.

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Horizon Europe Enquiries

Grainne Lennon will handle your enquiry. You can get in touch directly by email, by phone 028 3083 4135 (048 from Ireland) or by using the form below.
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