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All-Island Business Monitor

The largest and most comprehensive business survey on the island

InterTradeIreland’s quarterly All-Island Business Monitor (AIBM) is the largest and most comprehensive business survey on the island, covering business owner’s views from both Northern Ireland and Ireland. A robust sample of more than 750 telephone interviews are conducted each quarter from SMEs across a range of sectors. The survey has a lengthy time series of more than 10 years and tracks all-island economic indicators such as sales, employment, business outlook and other specific topical issues on a quarterly basis.


The latest InterTradeIreland All-Island Business Monitor (Q4 2020) shows that unsurprisingly many businesses are continuing to struggle, as the Brexit transition ends in the midst of a global pandemic. Half of firms report that they are now contracting, winding down or surviving at all costs, compared to just 13 percent at the same point last year.

The survey reveals that 58% of businesses continue to struggle with reduction in demand for goods and services, low business and consumer confidence and the subsequent impact on their cash flow. The manufacturing and leisure sectors have been particularly impacted by the current challenges, with the pandemic being the primary source of concern for those in industries impacted by lockdowns and social distancing restrictions.

The infographic illustrating the findings from the latest Business Monitor is below, titled Q4 2020. You can also find the press release on the news section of our website

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