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Female using her smartphone with Linked In

Since its official launch in 2003, LinkedIn has grown to be the world’s largest professional social network.

As of 2022, the platform has 875 million users from 200 countries worldwide and with 40% of B2B markets identifying the platform as their most effective B2B lead generation channel, it presents excellent opportunities for cross-border growth.

This webinar provides businesses with an in-depth overview of the LinkedIn platform, providing practical guidance on how to use both personal and business accounts to grow your business in the cross-border market. Specifically, it covers;

  • Overview of the LinkedIn platform
  • Personal vs. business accounts
  • Using your personal account to grow your business
  • Using your business account to grow your business
  • Platform best practice
  • Live demo of key features
  • Analysing your LinkedIn performance

Leading digital expert, Carly Warke, shares her knowledge and experience, and answers questions throughout the session. By the end of the session, participants will have a thorough understanding of the difference between a personal and business account on the LinkedIn platform, and a practical knowledge of how to utilise each to effectively grow their business.

This webinar was delivered on Thursday 11th May, 2023. The content and guidance provided are applicable at the time of delivery.

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