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How We Support Sales Growth

Sales Funding, Support and Advice

Whether your business trades in Northern Ireland or Ireland, you should know the full extent of the opportunities that exist right here on your doorstep, and that it is possible to build an export business without ever leaving the island.

Funding now available under the Acumen and Elevate programmes. Eligibility criteria apply.

Simple Guide to Cross-Border Trade

This is now available as an interactive tool, the guide includes:

  • All the do’s and don’ts as well as valuable information on setting up a cross-border business
  • Up-to- date regulatory information to keep your business compliant
  • Answers to the most common financial and legal questions about operating cross-border – e.g. (Buying and selling goods and services across the North/South, tax implications, debt collection, exploring joint ventures and much more….. )
  • Contains a section focusing on the potential implications of Brexit for SMEs based in Ireland and Northern Ireland.


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