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Why choose Innovation Boost

Perhaps you are facing increasing energy costs, supply chain issues, changes in legislations or you need to digitise some of your processes. Innovation Boost can help fund and connect you to academic and industry expertise to help you solve critical business problems or provide the expertise to bring an innovative idea to life.


  • You can receive up to £56,000 /€67,900 funding towards an academic expert as well as a contribution to the salary of the project manager to help solve a critical business problem or bring your idea to life.
  • It can help you develop or improve products or services.
  • The program can help you streamline business processes to increase efficiency and performance.
  • You will have the opportunity to develop and implement new technologies and systems.
  • You will gain the opportunity to improve capabilities in innovation, design and technology.
  • Ultimately Innovation Boost projects will help you work toward reducing any unnecessary costs in your business and increase sales.

Did you know?

On average, each company taking part in Innovation Boost benefits from over £1 million worth of sales or efficiency savings in the three years following the project.

Find out how Innovation Boost helped these businesses

Innovation Boost can help develop and embed innovation within your business. Watch the videos below to see how it can help you.

Innovation Boost: Start the conversation now

If you have checked the eligibility criteria and would like to discuss how your business can benefit from the Innovation Boost programme, get in touch today.

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