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The funding process

  • To discuss your particular business needs and find out how the Innovation Boost Programme could help you. If you are eligible for support, one of our Innovation Boost consultants will arrange a meeting to understand your particular needs in more detail.

  • We will work with you to discuss your specific innovation needs and identify potential university or college partners with the expertise that you require.

    Note: As Innovation Boost is an all-island programme, the third-level institution which you are partnered with must be based in the opposite jurisdiction to your business.

  • Together with your academic partner, you will submit a joint application for support. The application sets out the project plan, objectives, milestones and the support your company needs along with the skills/experience you require to help manage the project.

  • The application will be considered by InterTradeIreland and if approved, you will be notified immediately.

  • You will supply a job description for the project manager position and we will advertise the post on your behalf. Applications are initially shortlisted by InterTradeIreland and then reviewed by you and your academic partner for interview and selection.

    As part of the Innovation Boost Programme support, the project manager will be funded by InterTradeIreland to complete a learning package.

  • The InterTradeIreland consultant will assist in co-ordinating the project and overseeing its successful implementation.

Innovation Boost: Enquire Today

If you have checked the eligibility criteria and would like to discuss how your business can benefit from the Innovation Boost programme, get in touch today.

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