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An InterTradeIreland Innovation Boost consultant will assist the company to identify the necessary expertise which you could provide. On agreement between your institute and the company, a partnership is formed – the academic support that you provide will be key to the success of the project.

The partnership will:

  • Be cross-border (the company and your university or college must be from opposite jurisdictions).
  • Submit a joint application for support from InterTradeIreland to carry out an innovative and collaborative technology transfer project.
  • Recruit a relevant project manager who will work in the company to drive the project forward. You will support the project manager, enabling them to operate as the conduit for knowledge and technology transfer from your university/college into the company.

Benefits for Academics

  • Guest lectures to students from company personnel
  • Opportunity for publications in Journals and at conferences
  • Case Studies for teaching material
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate student projects
  • Student placement opportunities

Longer Term Benefits

  • Opportunity for strategic partnerships with companies after completing a Innovation Boost Project
  • Aligns with College strategic plans
  • Opportunity for further funding after successful completion of a Innovation Boost Project
  • Clustering and networking opportunities with like minded individuals
  • Increased profile for university/college across the island of Ireland

Support Available

Funding up to £16,000 for 12 month project, or £23,250 for 18 month Project which includes:

  • Support for preparation of application
  • Support for management of project
  • Innovation Boost Consultant for advice
  • Innovation Boost administration office


  • Trinity College Dublin- logo
    Ciaran Simms
    Trinity College Dublin - Moorings Mediquip - Co. Antrim

    I have found the InterTradeIreland Innovation Boost programme to be an excellent mechanism for linking small businesses and academics in Ireland. Though the programme I have been able to work directly in the area of new product development which as been a very beneficial experience for me as an academic. Both my teaching and research have benefited directly from involvement in this programme, and i would recommend it to others without hesitation

  • St Angelas food college logo
    Michael Hosey
    St Angela's Food Technology College - Daily Bake - Co. Armagh

    An Innovation Boost project provides valued connections to an academic, allowing them to work closely with the islands most progressive companies who seek to innovate. This unique opportunity is so essential to academia, keeping them at the forefront of changes in industry. Innovation Boost also provides academics with a wealth of teaching material and ideas for the project manager and postgraduate Projects.

  • UU Corp logo e1532697818490
    Dr Mustafa Akay
    University of Ulster - JFC Plastics - Co. Galway

    The JFC-UUJ FUSION project has significantly extended the industrial experience of Dr Akay, the Knowledge-Centre Partner. Dr Akay has gained fresh insight into the operations and challenges facing a manufacturing company involved in the production of numerous rotational moulded and extruded plastics products. The experience has enabled him to prepare presentations and has raised fresh desire and enthusiasm in the subject area for Dr Akay to write a teaching compendium on “Introduction to polymer science and technology”.

Innovation Boost: Start the conversation now

The Innovation Boost team will handle your enquiry. You can get in touch directly by email, by phone 028 3083 4189 (048 from Ireland) or by using the form below.

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