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Funding & Support

The InterTradeIreland Innovation Boost programme supports businesses on the island of Ireland by facilitating and funding an innovation or tech gap in an established business. Innovation is a key driver of economic growth. Therefore, InterTradeIreland are keen to support SMEs in their quest to integrate innovative products, services or processes into their business.

Funding available


18 month support package – worth up to £56,000/€67,900 typically in the area of new product / service development.


12 month support project – worth £39,000/€47,400 typically in the area of process improvement.

Here’s how it works:

  • Does your business need help to implement change or create something new? Have no idea where to start?
  • InterTradeIreland can help you work out what it is exactly you want to do. We will provide options for an academic partner to help bring the industry expertise to your plans and support the project manager who will deliver them within your business. InterTradeIreland pay for the academic partner a cost for developing this application.
  • InterTradeIreland assess all applications and if the partnership joint bid gets approved. You can receive 50% towards the cost of employing a project manager (to a ceiling) and InterTradeIreland pays 100% of the costs of the academic partner.
  • The project manager will be selected by the business and become a full time employee for a fixed term. The project manager is a dedicated resource and is ultimately the way to get access to these industry experts who will actively help develop the solution to a critical problem in your business or make a key innovative idea happen.

Innovation Boost: Enquire Today

If you have checked the eligibility criteria and would like to discuss how your business can benefit from the Innovation Boost programme, get in touch today.

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