MT Waste Management and Manufacturing

Company Details

  • Name:
    MT Waste Management and Manufacturing
  • Date(s):
    October 2014
  • Address:
    Cladybeg , Co. Armagh
  • Academic Partner:
    Dundalk Institute of Technology


  • Manufacturing

About the Company

MT Waste manufacture metal containers for waste storage and transit. As well as manufacturing, the company has an established skip hiring business with a range of different types of containers for hire and a range of waste management services for domestic, commercial and industrial waste. The large range of engineering facilities enables the company to manufacture metal waste containers for many purposes in the UK and Ireland. This product is highly exportable to the global market for a large number of applications. The FUSION project will primarily involve the design, build and certification of an emergency crisis unit (used as a Welfare Cabin, Mobile Detention Unit, Mobile Decontamination Unit, Building Support Cabin, etc.) to meet the large market needs. The majority of the product components and fabrication can be undertaken at Mt-waste using the large number of high-end manufacturing techniques and processes available. Also, a significant body of work will be required in the electrical and control engineering issues. Furthermore, the vast amount of engineering disciplines will require expert support to successfully complete this novel project.


MT Waste Management and Manufacturing
Co. Armagh