Company Details

  • Name:
  • Date(s):
    January 2014
  • Address:
    Carrigaline , Co. Cork
  • Academic Partner:
    Ulster University


  • Agriculture Forestry and Fishing

About the Company

From one unique raw material, the red algae Lithothamnion calcareum, Marigot Ltd has pioneered the development of natural functional marine feed additives and food ingredients, and commercialised the former as Celtic Sea Minerals. Celtic Sea Minerals specialises in the development, manufacture and marketing of natural animal feeds, hygiene products and fertilisers. The company now has strong local and export customer bases in the agricultural business sector. A range of ingredients called Aquamin is also sold to the food industry. This FUSION project aims to develop a new gastrointestinal pH stabilizer product for sale in the Asian pig industry, and realise other Asian market animal feed additive opportunities through new product development and additional technical services for customers.


Co. Cork