La Dolce Vita

Company Details

  • Name:
    La Dolce Vita
  • Date(s):
    March 2020
  • Address:
    Newry , Co. Down
  • Academic Partner:
    Technological University of Dublin


  • Food,Manufacturing
  • Service Industry

About the Company

Company Description

La Dolce Vita (LDV) is an expanding dynamic food business that commenced operations in August 2003 as a takeaway pizzeria and now boasts 3 take-away food outlets, a restaurant, mobile food stands and outside catering services. All outlets are serviced by a central production facility that produces all their own dough, sauces, marinades, meat coatings, dips etc., from scratch. This has recently been relocated to significantly larger premises.

Project Description

Through FUSION the company wants to develop their highly popular sauce products for the retail market that will require re-formulation to achieve longer shelf life and maintain the unique taste as recipes are upscaled. The company also plans to develop its range of flavoured butters and meat coatings for wholesale supply into other restaurants and takeaways along with the sauces. The FUSION project will develop and implement the production, processes and procedures for these new products.