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Funding and Support

Specifically aimed at Micro-Enterprises, Trade Accelerator has an expert panel of Sales Advisors offering specific expertise to help you to identify and capitalise on the significant cross-border export opportunities that exist on your doorstep.

100% funded by InterTradeIreland, there is up to £1,000/€ equivalent (excluding VAT) worth of consultancy time available to you. You choose the Advisor that suits your business needs and they work with you to develop a cross-border business plan.

Trade Accelerator support is available for:

  • To help establish that exporting successfully is key to the future growth of the company, the following areas will be assessed; background to the business, current activities of the business, current marketing collateral, product, experience, staff and management commitment, capacity & capability, finances, pricing, payment issues, competitors and route to market.

  • An export marketing & sales plan will set out how your business has investigated its target cross-border market and determine how your product/service will sell successfully into that market.

  • The practice of coordinating the various activities necessary to produce and deliver goods and services to your customers.

  • Get assistance with your sourcing requirements and help identifying new cross-border suppliers.

  • Exporting can be profitable for businesses of any size. Exporters grow sales faster, create more jobs and are more resilient. An export strategy decides how your company will export to the cross-border market. It will determine the pricing strategy, the product/service that will be sold and how it will be exported.

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