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To ensure your business gets the support appropriate to your needs, we classify businesses that are getting ready to export as non-cross-border exporters or first time cross-border exporters. First time cross-border exporters typically have less than 7% of turnover generated by sales in the opposite jurisdiction.

Our aim with the Trade Export Pathway is to help businesses graduate from being a non-exporter, first time exporter, inexperienced exporter, experienced exporter, to become an advanced exporter.

Get your free, specialist support and advice by completing the simple application and one of our specialists will meet with you to consider support needs for your immediate and longer-term exporting success.

Tailored support is available for each of the below steps, giving you the opportunity to have a specialist work with you and your business to help establish and grow your exports over time.
  • If you plan your export project thoroughly, you'll have a better chance of doing well in your target market. An export plan is a business plan that focuses on cross-border markets. It identifies your target market(s), export goals, necessary resources and anticipated results.

  • You’ve already examined the elements required to produce an effective export plan. Now, you’re ready to tackle the specific marketing components of your export plan. Remember not to confuse marketing with advertising, sales or promotion. Marketing is strategy. The other three are the tools your strategy will use to reach your target audience.

  • You've chosen the most promising markets for your product or service. Now, based on your market research, you must decide which entry method best suits your needs.

  • To succeed on your cross-border export journey you will need to develop in-house skills for trade. This support will develop skills in defining your sales pitch and unique selling points, considering matters such as market entry, business-to-business engagement and business-to-consumer engagement models including digital marketing activities and selling online.

  • Lead generation and prospecting specialists will help you in attracting customer interest and find relevant potential buyers resulting in increased sales and exports. Lead generation and prospecting is a stepped process which requires close collaborative and mentoring support throughout this stage.

  • This strategic business plan will be your companies blue print to success. A detailed strategic plan is typically focused on mid to long-term goals and its purpose is to agree the overarching goals with a detailed plan to execute.

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