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To ensure your business gets the support appropriate to your needs, we classify businesses that are getting ready to export as non-cross-border exporters or first time cross-border exporters. First time cross-border exporters typically have less than 7% of turnover generated by sales in the opposite jurisdiction.

Our aim with the Trade Export Pathway is to help businesses graduate from being a non-exporter, first time exporter, inexperienced exporter, experienced exporter, to become an advanced exporter. We achieve this by researching the market opportunity, creating a robust export plan and then implementing the export solutions that best suit your business.

To get started, complete the simple application form and one of our specialists will meet with you to consider support needs for your immediate and longer-term exporting success.

  • Cross-border competitor overview

    • Research key competitors and their pricing strategies, product offerings, distribution channels, market share and the demand for your product/service.

    Cross-border sector overview

    • Research the size, demographic, pricing, competitiveness and other economic dimensions of your relevant sector.

    Cross-border market entry requirements

  • Cross-border market analysis 

    • Identify key competitors and analyse their pricing strategies, product offerings, distribution channels and market share. 

    Cross-border sectoral analysis

    • Analysis of the size, demographic, pricing, competitiveness and other economic dimensions of your relevant sector.

    Marketing strategy

    • Evaluate promotional methods and marketing tools. Includes pricing recommendations and a detailed marketing budget.
  • Currently offering support under these 3 areas:

    Building Sales Development Skills

    • To succeed in your cross-border export journey, you must develop in-house sales skills. This may include managing social media, recording videos (e.g., client testimonials), generating online leads, and email marketing. It also involves defining sales pitches and USPs, market entry strategies, B2B, B2C, and B2G engagement models, as well as digital marketing activities, e-commerce, and online selling.

    Lead Generation & Prospecting

    • Lead generation and prospecting specialists will help you attract customer interest and find relevant potential buyers to increase cross-border sales. They will assist in establishing targets for volume sales and revenue streams and clarifying marketing and sales strategies.

    Cross-border Business Strategy Development

    • This strategic business plan is the blueprint for success. A detailed strategic plan typically focuses on mid- to long-term goals and aims to align overarching objectives with a detailed execution plan. It involves stepping back from day-to-day operations to examine the direction of the business, establish priorities, and determine how to execute the plan effectively.
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