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Elevate: Application Tips

Make the most of your Elevate application

We try to be as non-bureaucratic as possible when asking small businesses to submit applications for assistance. To help us help you, ask yourself the following questions before you submit your application.

  • Do you satisfy the basic eligibility criteria? If you are not sure, please give us a call and clarify this with us before you start completing the application.
  • Remember, this is an application only process. There is no opportunity to present your business to the assessment panel. Therefore it is essential that you provide us with as much information as possible on the form to help us make a fully informed decision.
  • Displacement – This is a key criteria for the programme. You must be able to demonstrate that you have a sufficiently unique product or service that will not displace existing products and services in the cross-border market.
  • Is your company manufacturing or providing a tradeable service? We take the view that a tradeable service is one which can be delivered from your office to customers in GB, Europe and further afield.
  • Have you attached your latest annual accounts? If they are more than 6 months old, we will also require management accounts and/or profit and loss statements and supporting balance sheet from the end of the filed accounts year to a period within 6 months of the application date.
  • Have you demonstrated that you have the capacity i.e. human, production and financial to deliver on new contracts secured in a cross-border market.
  • Finally if you are in any doubt about anything on the form…give us a call.

Please note that small businesses involved in retail, distribution and agriculture are not eligible for assistance under this scheme.

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Elevate Enquiries

Caroline Sweeney will handle your enquiry. You can get in touch directly by email, by phone 028 3083 4137 (048 from Ireland) or by using the form below.
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