Advice and support to help with business growth

Sourcing specialist advice or finding the right person with the right skills to help your business grow can be a challenge. InterTradeIreland can support you financially in these areas, assisting not only with funding, but also with sourcing the specialist expertise and making the vital introductions.

Our sales and marketing programme, Acumen, provides funding of up to £15,000/€18,750 to help you source the right expertise and people to target new cross-border markets effectively and identify new customers.

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FUSION provides financial support to help you get the specialist skills your business needs. Funding is available up to £39,000/€47,400 for 12 month innovation projects and up to £56,000/€67,900 for 18 month innovation projects.

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For micro businesses, our Elevate programme can provide up to £5,000/€6,000 consultancy expertise to help you create a cross-border sales development plan.

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If you are an early stage company InterTradeIreland can help you become more ‘investor ready’ through our range of Funding Advisory Services.

For established businesses looking to grow then our Funding Advisory Services and expertise can help guide you to the most appropriate form of finance for your business stage.

For the resources you need to help your business grow, InterTradeIreland has the expertise and support available.