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Sink or Swim

31 May 2019

Did you know the birthstone for the month of June is a Pearl? If you are a graduate job hunter or you just want a graduate out of your home, June signals the culmination of hard work and end of the academic year. For many it’s the start of a career journey. But what pearls of wisdom do job seeking graduates need?

Targetjobs suggest the 10 top skills that will get any graduate a job include:

1 CommercialAwareness: in other words, do your homework on the sector you want to work in.

2 Communication: we all know you can Insta but how good are you at listening and speaking?

3 Teamwork: not just being a member but managing and delegating others positively.

4 If you are good at getting the ‘oldies’ to part with their hard earned readies you will have ticked off no.4 – Negotiation and Persuasion. Remember it’s not just getting what you want but understanding what others need too.

5 Problem solving: if you still bring your washing home this might be a problem. It’s time to sharpen those logical and analytical skills.

6Leadership: being a manager is an objective, not a right.

7 Organisation: if you never made Monday morning lectures now is the opportunity to focus on what you are doing when you need it for.

8 Perseverance: business challenging, can you show you’re tough enough?

9 Ability to work under pressure: remember how diamonds are made.

10 Confidence: As Albert Einstein said, ‘More the knowledge lesser the ego. Lesser the knowledge. More the ego.’ Life really is about balance.

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