All-Island Business Monitor

The largest and most comprehensive business survey on the island

InterTradeIreland’s quarterly All-Island Business Monitor (AIBM) is the largest and most comprehensive business survey on the island, covering business owner’s views from both Northern Ireland and Ireland. A robust sample of more than 750 telephone interviews are conducted each quarter from SMEs across a range of sectors. The survey has a lengthy time series of seven years and tracks all-island economic indicators such as sales, employment, business outlook and other specific topical issues on a quarterly basis.


The latest InterTradeIreland Business Monitor (Q2 2019) reveals that the businesses environment remains resilient with 40 per cent of firms across the island reporting growth. Optimism for the year ahead however,  is in short supply, with the number of SMEs expecting an increase in growth over the next 12 months down to 2009 levels.

  • 44 per cent of companies say that Brexit is the key issue facing their business.
  • 11% per cent of respondents have made preparations for a no-deal Brexit.
  • Bigger firms with more capacity are in a better position to manage a no-deal outcome (35 per cent) , while only 1 in 10 micro businesses have made any preparations.
  • Worryingly low number of cross-border traders, who would be most exposed in the event of a no-deal outcome, have not taken action (82 per cent).

The infographic illustrating the findings from the latest Business Monitor is below on the right hand side of your screen. You can also find the press release on the news section of our website.

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