All-Island Business Monitor

The largest and most comprehensive business survey on the island

InterTradeIreland’s quarterly All-Island Business Monitor (AIBM) is the largest and most comprehensive business survey on the island, covering business owner’s views from both Northern Ireland and Ireland. A robust sample of more than 750 telephone interviews are conducted each quarter from SMEs across a range of sectors. The survey has a lengthy time series of seven years and tracks all-island economic indicators such as sales, employment, business outlook and other specific topical issues on a quarterly basis.


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The latest InterTradeIreland Business Monitor (Q3 2018) shows that trade has remained resilient over the past quarter reflected in the number of companies continuing to grow (41%.)


This quarter’s Business Monitor again highlights the higher growth performance of exporters and cross-border traders, almost half of all firms that trade across the border are growing, with 30% experiencing rapid growth in sales, compared to just 18% that do not export.


Key Information


  • 41% of businesses continuing to grow
  • Cross-border trading increases a business’s probability of growing rapidly by over 60%
  • 54% of SMEs say reporting issues with rising costs of overheads
  • 41% of larger firms (50+ employees) reporting skills shortages within their sector
  • 42% of exporters reporting a negative ‘Brexit’ impact on sales


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The latest quarterly InterTradeIreland All-Island Business Monitor Report AIBM (April-June 2018) shows that the number of firms across the island reporting growth remains high, and in fact, is at the highest level since 2011 (46%).

However, once you dig behind this top-line figure, the economic picture becomes much more complex with significant challenges on the horizon and mixed sentiment across sectors.

As expected in a competitive market there are winner and losers, and it’s not surprising to see increases at both extremes of the spectrum with more firms growing or declining.

Key Information


  • Economic landscape remains very competitive. More firms are growing but more are also declining
  • Main challenges facing businesses are energy and overhead costs
  • Number of SMES putting measures in place to engage with planning process around Brexit goes up and now stands at close to 20%


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