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Supply Chain and Sourcing Service

Through the Supply Chain and Sourcing Service, InterTradeIreland will offer businesses operating within the food, manufacturing, and engineering sectors the support of a sector-specific supply chain specialist. This specialist will work with the business to:

  • Complete a supply chain audit and mapping exercise: The audit will involve the specialist conducting a walk-through of your business operations, identifying and documenting areas or opportunities for potential cross-border solutions. This engagement will also consider any need for process improvement or automation, which may lead to a referral to one of InterTradeIreland’s Innovation programmes.

  • Offer mentoring support to address the opportunities arising from the audit and mapping exercise:
    • Internally through prospecting, sales, sourcing, supply, and/or
    • Externally through B2B introduction and facilitation.

We currently are offering support to the food and manufacturing/engineering sector

If your business is in the food sector, please contact Margaret Dineen:

If your business is in the manufacturing/engineering sector, please contact Aidan at MOAT:

For all other enquires, please contact

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