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Head Chosen 2

Exploring Successful Innovation Practice

What are your hidden innovation capabilities? The ‘Innovation Station’ looks at how to make your business fitter.

Creating a culture of entrepreneurship is a defining ‘success factor’ of businesses that innovate to grow. That’s according to Dr Lawrence Dooley, an enterprise and innovation expert from University College Cork.

In the second episode of the ‘Innovation Station’ podcast series Dr. Dooley shares practical tips and advice on how companies can become ‘fitter’ through recognising the natural innovation that is taking place, the in-house capabilities that influence what we do and the need to broaden the diversity of resources, both through the recruitment of new staff and the leveraging of our external networks.

Listen to the podcasts below:


Dr Lawrence Dooley Interview Podcast

In the shorter of the two podcasts, Dr. Dooley discusses the highlights of his masterclass, providing tips and advice on how small businesses can identify and capitalise on their hidden innovation capabilities.

Dr Dooley’s Masterclass Podcast

Delve into Dr. Dooley’s full masterclass on ‘Exploring Successful Innovation Practice’, hosted at Queen’s University, Belfast.

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