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From IP to innovation – How SMEs can build value from their ideas

How to commercialise on IP and build value in your business

What is IP, how do you protect your ideas and what types of IP protection exists for small businesses? In this interactive workshop Dermot Tierney takes us through the basis of ideation and how companies can protect the value they have created.

Click below to watch the webinar on ‘IP to innovation – How SMEs can build value from their ideas’.

This video is a recording of a webinar – it is not live.

About the speaker

Dermot Tierney is the IP and Licensing Manager at Queen’s University Belfast and has 18 years of experience in the areas of business development and technology licensing.

He holds a BA from Ulster University and MBA from UCD Smurfit and began his career in industry in sales, marketing and new product development roles before moving into technology transferring.

Throughout his career, Mr Tierney has held various roles related to start-up mentoring, IP licensing and business development. He also facilitates on the Praxis Auril FTT programme.

All slides in the presentation belong to the speaker.

This webinar is part of a series for InterTradeIreland's all-island innovation programme.

The all-island innovation programme aims to bring SMEs access to cutting-edge thinking, plus help to implement innovation in their business.

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