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Alan Ahearne

Why a pandemic calls for a different economic response

In this webinar Prof. Ahearne will focus on learnings from the 2008 crisis for SME survival and recovery, and why the government response has to differ this time. He will also offer insights into potential avenues of opportunity for SMEs to explore - as they seek to adapt and grow.

Professor Alan Ahearne has recently been appointed as an advisor to the Irish government.

Click on the video below to watch economic shocks and recovery: "Comparing Covid 19 to 2008”

This video is a recording of a webinar – it is not live.

About the Speaker

Alan Ahearne is Director of the Whitaker Institute and Professor of Economics at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

He is also chair at the Central Bank of Ireland’s Risk Committee and served as a member of the Central Bank Commission for nine years.

Professor Ahearne, obtained a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh and worked at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington DC as a Senior Economist.

All slides in the presentation belong to the speaker.

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