Wright Quarry Products

Company Details

  • Name:
    Wright Quarry Products
  • Date(s):
    November 2020
  • Town:
    Swans Cross, Monaghan
  • County:
    Co Monaghan
  • Academic Partner:
    South West College


  • Manufacturing

About the Company

Company Description

The company produce ready mix concrete and precast products for the agriculture, self-build and construction industries. This includes precast flooring, stairs and wall panels. Since 2016 They have undertaken a phase of product development initiative in the space of Modular Precast. This is now a small but significant part of the business. In this area they have a concrete construction system which can be prepared entirely off site and used to construct an 80m2 dwelling in under 10 days on site.

Project Description

This project will design and implement unique carbon counting/CO2 analysis processes for each stage of the modular build construction system that will allow the company to scientifically demonstrate the low carbon emission impact of their products. In applying these processes to the current construction system it will help identify and make changes to manufacturing that will improve the carbon impact and will leave the company with the capability to undertake this in the future as changes to constituent materials or designs are made.