Company Details

  • Name:
  • Date(s):
    July 2013
  • Address:
    Swords , Dublin
  • Academic Partner:
    Ulster University


  • Transport

About the Company

Transpoco provide GPS fleet management systems to a range of customers in Ireland, UK and France. The company currently tracks vehicles for over 400 client companies. Some of Transpoco’s customers include Dublin City council, Fingal County Council, ESB, Wexford county council and many others. Transpoco’s customers use the system to minimise the cost of running their fleet on the road. Transpoco put a black box in every vehicle that shows the real time location of the vehicle and records all driving history. Transpoco add value by taking all this data and creating management reports to highlight areas for improvement and to help their customers in the day to day running of their fleet.

The main objective of this FUSION project is to design, develop, and implement an intelligent and web-enabled system to manage all aspects of fuel use within a customer’s fleet. As there is a lot of data gathered, Transpoco need to use some artificial intelligence and data analytics to accurately diagnose the customers’ problems in relation to wasted fuel.