Solmatix Ltd.

Company Details

  • Name:
    Solmatix Ltd.
  • Date(s):
    May 2017
  • Address:
    Antrim , Co. Antrim
  • Academic Partner:
    Dundalk Institute of Technology


  • Manufacturing

About the Company

The proposed project will primarily involve the design, system development, supply, commission and management of a novel high-performance energy technology The proposed product will require significant research and development prior to commercialisation. The scope for a product such as the one proposed is due to a growing need for the use of renewable and sustainable technologies to meet energy demand. Over the past decade there has been significant growth in the development of photovoltaic technology and as a result its use is much more economically feasible. This project aims at developing a product that can be installed as part of the fabric of a building, as opposed to onto an existing building, and in doing so reduce the development cost of the building while supplying energy to the building. The new product to be developed will be based around the Tesla Roof idea which in essence means that instead of using a standard roof tile or slate, a roof tile with an embedded photovoltaic panel is used in its place. The positive result of this is a roof that acts as an energy system, delivering electricity while also offering the same robust performance as a standard roof tile or slate. The proposed project is multidisciplinary, involving mechanical, electrical, control and building engineering skills. Furthermore, the vast amount of engineering disciplines will require expert support to successfully complete this novel project


Solmatix Ltd.
Co. Antrim