Ryan Hanley

Company Details

  • Name:
    Ryan Hanley
  • Date(s):
    June 2013
  • Town:
  • County:
    Co. Galway
  • Academic Partner:
    Ulster University


  • Engineering

About the Company

Ryan Hanley is a leading civil engineering firm in the delivery of water conservation and network management projects in Ireland. For the past 15 years a Water Conservation and Network Management Division has been developed within the Water Services Department to provide design, procurement and project management services for all aspects of Water Conservation and Network Management Projects across the country. Ryan Hanley has identified the need for a standardised, independent, automated system to report on the massive amount of data being generated on a daily basis within local water authorities. This FUSION project is focused on creating a water network management tool. This will provide a platform independent monitoring system for operational staff and a workforce management system to maximise the use of constrained resources.