Quality Irish Foods t/a Mr Crumb

Company Details

  • Name:
    Quality Irish Foods t/a Mr Crumb
  • Date(s):
    October 2020
  • Town:
  • County:
    Co. Westmeath
  • Academic Partner:
    CAFRE (College of Agriculture, Food & Rural Enterprise)


  • Food,Manufacturing

About the Company

Company Description

The business was founded in 1996, by Bernard Coyle and produces multi award winning, fresh premium stuffing, fresh breadcrumbs and fresh crust products for retail and food service. Other products including butters and cheese melts are produced for the food processing trades. The company has a range of frozen ready to cook snacks. The products are mainly distributed throughout Ireland and UK with some products entering European and American markets.

Project Description

The FUSION project aims to overcome technical processing challenges linked to chilled, prepared food production and support the development of new ready to eat/heat vegan and toastie products for the retail and food service markets.