McGeary Engineering

Company Details

  • Name:
    McGeary Engineering
  • Date(s):
    December 2019
  • Address:
    Dungannon , Co. Tyrone
  • Academic Partner:
    Dundalk Institute of Technology


  • Manufacturing

About the Company

Company Description

McGeary Engineering has been trading since 1979. The company primarily provides fabrication services to a number of companies throughout the UK and Ireland. McGeary Engineering specialises in pipe fabrications and provides pre-fabricated pipe fabrications for numerous applications, for example, quarry washing plant pipe work, manifold pipe fabrications, spray bars, flanged piping, etc. In addition to the fabrication capability, the company supplies parts and components, such as spray nozzles, to industry.

Project Description

The proposed project will support the development of a number of important piping and pre-fabricated piping systems for the water services industry with a particular focus on water treatment facilities. The proposed new product is the standardisation of a number of parts to supply an off-the-shelf solution to the water industry, ranging from 2”-12” pipework and mounting brackets and stabilisers to suit. The development of this product will enable McGeary Engineering to manufacture and sell its own off-the-shelf product. Whereas, up until now the company worked predominately as a sub-contractor to a large number of manufacturing companies.