Mackey Equestrian Wholesale

Company Details

  • Name:
    Mackey Equestrian Wholesale
  • Date(s):
    February 2017
  • Town:
  • County:
    Co. Wicklow
  • Academic Partner:
    North West Regional College


  • Manufacturing

About the Company

Mackey Equestrian plans to design and develop a new range of smart winter rugs and to establish a structured new product development process and department within the company. The project will establish a 3D CAD design capability in Mackey Equestrian to develop this new smart winter rug product (and further new products) and implement design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA). This will also reduce design time, costs and make the company more efficient for this new product and future new products. The new product range will initially be targeted at the Irish, UK and Swedish markets. The smart aspect of the blanket will be a combination of cutting age fabrics, assembly techniques and incorporate an embedded systems design element. Sensors will measure and transmit data on movement, temperature and heart rate. This project will develop the new equestrian product from initial concept through design development, prototyping, test method design, evaluation, reviews, specifications, verification, protocols through to transfer to production activities in an efficient method.