LC Seating

Company Details

  • Name:
    LC Seating
  • Date(s):
    May 2020
  • Address:
    Sligo , Co. Sligo
  • Academic Partner:
    North West Regional College


  • Manufacturing

About the Company

Company Description

LC Seating is a supplier of rehabilitation and seating products mainly for wheelchairs. The company specialises in the provision of all types of custom-made mobility seating including: carved foam, moulded seating, moulded toilet/shower seats, matrix, hybrid and modular. The company operates throughout Ireland, primarily dealing with occupational therapy/seating clinics in providing engineered solutions for a variety of complex seating needs.

Project Description

To design and manufacture a new modular base support for moulded seating systems. This will be an innovative step in mobility seating as bases are currently available in fixed sizes only. The development of this new product will reduce the cost of updating seating systems as user seating requirements change over time. In addition, the proposed modular base will offer a more environmentally sustainable solution, as fixed bases are presently scrapped when outgrown by the user. To facilitate this project and future new product development, the company needs to advance their product design and engineering skillset and capabilities through their engagement in the FUSION programme.