KME Steelworks

Company Details

  • Name:
    KME Steelworks
  • Date(s):
    August 2018
  • Address:
    Lisburn , Co. Antrim
  • Academic Partner:
    Trinity College Dublin


  • Manufacturing

About the Company

KME steel offers a comprehensive subcontract fabrication service and manufactures a wide range of steel component parts for equipment manufacturers based in Ireland,. They also design and manufacture large steel moulds for the precast concrete industry in a Global market The project will focus on the integration of a new automated smart robotic welding cell into the current manufacturing facility of the company to optimise the welding cycle time of batch based products. The project will focus on the following areas: · Off line programming of CAM welding simulations for current batch products · Design and development of fixtures for current batch based products · Integration of CAD part files with CAM welding simulations software · Feasibility study on state-of-art sensing technology / software · Integration of CAD, CAM and sensing software