Irish Diagnostic Laboratory Services

Company Details

  • Name:
    Irish Diagnostic Laboratory Services
  • Date(s):
    April 2016
  • Address:
    Naas , Co. Kildare
  • Academic Partner:
    Queen's University Belfast


  • Health and Life Sciences

About the Company

IDLS business generates huge amounts of diagnostics data and scientific information. Therefore, the project is to develop a data warehousing and analytics system which will provide the organisation with business intelligence capabilities. The purpose of this is to enhance the ability to provide the wider customer community with access to information regarding disease surveillance, emerging matters of veterinary concern and relevant diagnostics information for the food and allied industries. Consequently, this will allow the business to sell information to other businesses and to expand its range of diagnostics services to existing clients, but also enable the organisation to target new clients who currently use competitor laboratories.


Irish Diagnostic Laboratory Services
Co. Kildare