Innovo Tec

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  • Name:
    Innovo Tec
  • Date(s):
    June 2016
  • Town:
  • County:
    Co. Carlow
  • Academic Partner:
    Queen's University Belfast


  • Manufacturing

About the Company

The project will examine the impacts of a number of plant extract based products (including compounds such as Thymol, Limonene, Carvacol and others) on the intestinal health and immune status of broiler chickens at the genomic level. This research will be used in the development of completely new products. The reduction in use and consumer acceptance of in feed medications is driving a search for new and natural alternatives which can maintain the health of poultry animal reared in the commercial setting. This need for new products is occurring at a time when the challenges in terms of viral and bacterial challenge and resistance has never been higher so it is very important and opportune that this research into credible alternative to infeed medication is conducted and new products delivered to the market over the coming years.