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    August 2016
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    Ulster University


  • ICT

About the Company

This project will involve the development of a new software package and mobile app called ‘ReadyTeck’. ReadyTech is an important development for Impartx. It will help it to consolidate the company’s current position with its main client (Ericsson), as well as creating a platform for growing the range of services it can offer to the Telecoms Sector as a whole. ReadyTeck will change the relationship between large companies like Ericsson and the contract workers it uses. Ericsson currently do not hire these contractors directly. It uses Approved Resource Providers (ARPs), who add unstainable costs and control information about the supply of contractors. ReadyTeck will remove the ARP from the hiring process thus allowing qualified technicians to represent themselves directly to the companies that hire them. In addition the project will involve a detailed stakeholder needs analysis, business process reengineering, substantial change management and the development of a data archive and data tool analysis.