Health and Sport Technologies

Company Details

  • Name:
    Health and Sport Technologies
  • Date(s):
    July 2014
  • Address:
    Dundalk , Co. Louth
  • Academic Partner:
    Ulster University


  • Software Development

About the Company

Health and Sport Technologies core product is Metrifit, a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that collects, collates and analyses data to provide timely and efficient information to promote pro-active decision-making and improve performance in sport. Metrifit provides a platform for tracking and monitoring key metrics, supported by a communication portal for frequent and effective feedback, thus optimising the potential for success. Metrifit aims to use this powerful data to identify trends and patterns to provide insights into understanding the “how” and “why” on the journey to peak performance. The R&D that the FUSION project will provide will allow them to develop data mining techniques and base algorithms that will turn the raw data that we collect from our customers into valuable insights. Predictive analysis in sports is in its infancy and Metrifit is a forerunner. Health and Sport Technologies want to develop a new business intelligence engine which will provide innovative and unique algorithms for modelling and detecting hidden patterns and trends in large volumes of data. These will include generic algorithms across multiple sports as well as specific algorithms for individual sports.


Health and Sport Technologies
Co. Louth