Goatsbridge Trout Farm

Company Details

  • Name:
    Goatsbridge Trout Farm
  • Date(s):
    November 2019
  • Address:
    Kilkenny , Co. Kilkenny
  • Academic Partner:
    Ulster University


  • Food,Manufacturing

About the Company

Company Description

Goatsbridge Trout Farm is Ireland’s best-known fresh-water trout farm with history dating back over 800 years and is now the biggest fresh water Aquaculture business in Ireland. Goatsbridge prepare, cure, smoke, slice and package their daily catch of rainbow trout. The business also offers tours on the farm's heritage, family history, traditional farming system and the importance of biodiversity. The company has in recent years set up a separate processing facility and acquired one of its competitor trout farms.

Project Description

To develop and test new innovative methods for hatching and growing trout at Goatsbridge Trout Farm to secure future production through improved sustainability. It will monitor the relevant chemical and microbiological quality parameters of the groundwater sources and effects on fish eggs hatching and general fish growth by implementing a novel nano-aeration technology as a method for delivering and maintaining high oxygen levels and reducing iron levels in the water to improve water quality. It will also conduct feeding trials to individualize and optimize feeding regimes according to feeding sources for optimal production outcome and minimal fluctuations in product quality.