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  • Date(s):
    August 2014
  • Town:
  • County:
    Co. Cork
  • Academic Partner:
    Queen's University Belfast


  • Bioscience

About the Company

Glantreo's vision is to develop and deliver innovative material science based technologies, processes, services and products that can be used by their customers and partners to help them deliver quality solutions to their customers. Glantreo bridge the gap between ground breaking research and everyday application. They also provide a materials science consultancy/analysis service to blue-chip and Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Biotech companies in Ireland. THe FUSION project aims to develop novel polymeric and silica based materials for use in sample preparation devices. The materials/devices developed within the project will find application in the life science testing and analysis space. As a result of this project, Glantreo will have developed additional competencies and capabilities in the area of biological sample clean up and biological sample preparation.