Gilligan’s Farm Fresh Meats

Company Details

  • Name:
    Gilligan’s Farm Fresh Meats
  • Date(s):
    August 2015
  • Address:
    Roscommon , Co. Roscommon
  • Academic Partner:
    CAFRE (College of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Enterprise)


  • Food

About the Company

Gilligan Farm Fresh Meats is a farm based enterprise with a retail outlet, farming beef and sheep, and slaughtering them in a newly built abattoir & packaging facilities within 100m of the farm. Meat cuts are sold to high end food service customers and a limited number of retail outlets. The FUSION project aims to develop existing and new market opportunities through establishing and embedding a new product development system, developing 3 new gourmet products through to commercialisation.


Gilligan’s Farm Fresh Meats
Co. Roscommon