Gibney Steel Products

Company Details

  • Name:
    Gibney Steel Products
  • Date(s):
    July 2017
  • Address:
    Mullagh, Oldcastle , Co. Meath
  • Academic Partner:
    North West Regional College


  • Manufacturing

About the Company

The company product base has naturally evolved and most people on the shop floor know how to manufacture the current range of products either from basic 2D drawings or notes taken over time. The company needs to develop full 3D CAD design capabilities to enable them to design and manufacture a product idea they have for a light weight sliding gate to help diversify the business and enable it to develop a new product range. To facilitate this and future new product development the company needs to not only develop a 3D CAD design capability but to also have the ability to find/develop new product ideas through someone versed in new product development. The company will also need to acquire the ability to provide stress analysis FEA (finite element analysis) studies and be able to access products against DFMA (design for manufacturing assembly) methodology.


Gibney Steel Products
Mullagh, Oldcastle
Co. Meath