ElectroRoute Market Access

Company Details

  • Name:
    ElectroRoute Market Access
  • Date(s):
    June 2013
  • Town:
  • County:
    Co. Donegal
  • Academic Partner:
    Ulster University


  • Energy

About the Company

ElectroRoute is a fast-growing energy trading and market services company focused on the Irish and European wholesale electricity markets. This FUSION project will develop an intelligent trading and data visualisation tool using best practices in database structuring, data handling and results visualisation. The system once developed will deliver: 1. Visibility over near term financial results, split by time and individual trading activity; 2. Visibility over Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that relate to the functioning of an energy trading unit; 3. Market and profit opportunity screening and visualisation tools to assist in trading performance evaluation and increase company competitiveness.