DuTec Ireland

Company Details

  • Name:
    DuTec Ireland
  • Date(s):
    September 2019
  • Address:
    Limerick , Co. Limerick
  • Academic Partner:
    Ulster University


  • Transport

About the Company

Company Description

DuTec Limited is an Irish Supply Chain Company based in Limerick and is a leader in supply chain management, successfully managing the procurement and fulfillment for some of the Major OEM companies. DuTec provides a seamless “backend” e-fulfillment service supporting businesses and end users. (B2B and B to C.) This service includes pick, pack, ship and warehousing & inventory management. DuTec currently provide these services on a pan European basis to many Global customers.

Project Description

Significant shifts in customer demand, technological advancements, and a rapid expansion of the organization in the last 3 years has resulted in structural and operational inefficiencies and capacity utilization issues. Therefore, the overarching objective of this is project is to apply ‘Best in Class’ business process re-engineering and operational management processes to redesign, develop and enhance the organisation’s end-to-end business processes to facilitate change and enhanced efficiency. This project is a major process improvement project to transform the business into a leading edge e-fulfillment partner.