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  • Date(s):
    December 2019
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  • County:
    Co. Galway
  • Academic Partner:
    Queen's University


  • Manufacturing

About the Company

Company Description

Founded in 1987 as a toolmaking company supplying precision tooling to the general engineering industry in the west of Ireland, Dawnlough Ltd evolved over the years to become a major supplier of special purpose tooling and precision components (designed, manufactured and assembled) to the Aerospace and Medical Devices industry. Dawnlough is one of only two companies in the Republic of Ireland with accreditation for aerospace assemblies and one of only five in the world to be able to provide hard metal (e.g. titanium) machining in this regulated industry.

Project Description

The aim of the project is to develop, implement and embed Industry 4.0 driven processes and smart, interoperable industrial systems to enable fast changes in production levels based on demand and to manage and control the flow of engineering data. The project will enable improvements in production efficiency driven by new process development. It is based on open communication between manufacturing devices and networks, with data visualisation tools and reporting capabilities incorporating real time production feedback via role based and specific dashboards. These new processes will enable the company to become more efficient, free up additional manufacturing capacity and streamline the manufacture of components and tooling, thus enabling the company to achieve its target growth and achieve long-term competitiveness in its target markets.