CRS(NI) Ltd.

Company Details

  • Name:
    CRS(NI) Ltd.
  • Date(s):
    March 2015
  • Address:
    Carrickmore , Co. Tyrone
  • Academic Partner:
    Letterkenny Institute of Technology


  • Manufacturing

About the Company

CRS (NI) Ltd was founded by Sean Conlon in May 2009. Sean has over 20 years experience in this industry. CRS (NI) Ltd design and manufacture products for the Waste Recycling Industry. These products are used to separate waste into its components in order to greatly speed up the process of recycling. The main objective of this project is to design and manufacture an Eddy Current System, and integrate this to our current product line of waste sorting machinery. An Eddy Current System allows automatic separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metal which provides a huge economic advantage to recycling companies and municipal council recycling operations. This will ensure that the current range of recycling machines are100% designed and built in-house. Currently we have to outsource the Eddy Current technology. In the design and build of this new product we will investigate methods of producing an Eddy Current, and its effects on different sizes of non-ferrous metals.


CRS(NI) Ltd.
Co. Tyrone