Brandon Global

Company Details

  • Name:
    Brandon Global
  • Date(s):
    May 2018
  • Town:
    Smithfield, Dublin
  • County:
    Co Dublin
  • Academic Partner:
    Ulster University


  • ICT

About the Company

Brandon Global IT provides IT consulting, support and management services to its business customers in many market sectors. With the head office in Dublin and offices in Galway, London and New York, Brandon has become a leader in providing IT compliance audit services to small to medium sized service organisations in Ireland. The requirement for such an audit is driven by guidelines outlined defined by the Central Bank that financial institutions operating in Ireland are expected to comply with. With a focus on aligning our services with the customer requirements, Brandon has earned a reputation, which results in most of the new business coming from referrals. The objective of the project is to create our own Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform to replace Alien Vault, which we could then customise according to our clients’ requirements and tailor the outputs for specific sectors and compliance requirements for which we already have a strong understanding.