Bailey Waste Recycling NI

Company Details

  • Name:
    Bailey Waste Recycling NI
  • Date(s):
    March 2020
  • Town:
  • County:
    Co. Armagh
  • Academic Partner:
    Athlone Institute of Technology

About the Company

Company Description

Bailey Waste is an established, trusted, local provider in the field of waste management. They also provide a confidential shredding service. A large part of the business is the distribution of plastic & paper recycled material throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. They currently sort their paper waste but none of the polymer waste.

Project Description

The main aim of this project is for Bailey Waste Recycling to change from currently a recycling company that simply bales all their polymer waste to a company that can collect polymer waste, sort and convert it by processing the polymer, to either flake or pellet form. This means companies can directly deal with Bailey and use their pellet products for manufacturing plastic products from recycled polymer materials.