Atlantic Prosthetic Orthotic Services

Company Details

  • Name:
    Atlantic Prosthetic Orthotic Services
  • Date(s):
    August 2018
  • Address:
    Kilcolgan , Co. Galway
  • Academic Partner:
    Queen's University, Belfast


  • Manufacturing

About the Company

Atlantic Prosthetic Orthotic Services (APOS) LTD is an independent Prosthetic and Orthotic manufacturing and clinical service company based in Co Galway. APOS provides a wide range of prosthetic and orthotic products, including prosthetics for lower and upper limbs, such as shoulders and hands. The company also provide a range of milled semi-bespoke and retail range of orthotic insoles The Project will develop an in-house 3 D printing capability to replace and reduce the time and cost of current manual manufacture methods in a clinical prosthetic/orthotic workshop setting