Company Details

  • Name:
  • Date(s):
    June 2020
  • Town:
  • County:
    Co. Wexford
  • Academic Partner:
    Southern Regional College


  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Manufacturing

About the Company

Company Description

AirconMech specializes in the installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It also carries out plumbing contracts such as installation of sanitary ware, drainage, water storage, industrial utilities and process pipework. Finally, it manufactures a small number of standard un-fire rated ducting bespoke joints and sections that are difficult to procure.

Project Description

AirconMech’s objective for this project is to design and manufacture a new fire rated ductwork product for supply to heating and air conditioning industries. This is a unique project as the company is both looking to develop a new product for manufacture and construct a new manufacturing facility to produce the new product. There are many key stages for this project to be successful, not only to develop a new product and product line but to source and develop machinery to produce ductwork to the fire rated standard. The company are looking to target many sectors with the new product from education, healthcare, hotels and residential.